Westley Kaz
Mrs. Williams
Computer Apps. PX
3 October 2011

Hands on

I am a lover of sports and exercise. i am a hands on learner. I like to build and learn how to make new things.
when i learn new things I i tend to like to play around when i learn. i like to get my hands dirty and build and make models.
I cant sit still and i tend fidget while learning. I tend to use objects to help me learn better


i have a strong social learning style, i may communicate well with people, both verbally and non-verbally. others listen to me or come to me for advice. i may enjoy discussing personal and school issues with others or giving advice.
i typically prefer learning in groups or classes, or i may like to spend much one-on-one time with a teacher or an instructor. i like team sports such as football. I communicate with


i may prefer to learn alone using self-study. When i spend time with an instructor or a teacher, i may need to only clarify information i haven't been able to clarify yourself. i dislike learning in groups.
i may want to keep a log or journal. i can include extra information about my thoughts and feelings there. Outline your problems and include ideas on how to overcome them. i may want to document what my opinions are.

True colors

I take pride in the variety of skills i have. I have high energy level, speak loudley, and can do several things at once. I You tend to have a hands-on approach to problem solving, and your direct line of reasoning creates excitement and immediate results. I am action orintaed . Although you enjoy variety, and are flexible in your thinking, you also tend to pay close attention to detail.i am highly resourceful and can usually sell a product, an idea, or a project in a way no other color can. However, i may need to be careful because as an Orange, you may lack an interest in administrative details and follow-through. This can cause me to become the target of blame and criticism within an organization.